Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to heat large saltwater aquariums?( saltwater aquarium setup)

saltwater aquarium setup

At that volume, it's probably may be practical to run the water through a dedicated water heater, but you may need to look into a lining to prevent long-term salt corrosion. You'll also need to use different pipes; metal pipes will corrode to the salt and release metals into the water, poisoning the animals. Talk with a heating mechanic for specifics on those points. You will also probably need to adjust how hot the heater runs.

After the water heater, the water could be pumped as normal into a filtration area (sump) or back into the main tank

You wouldn't need to heat a saltwater aquarium because they are probably used to the coldness. Whatever, buy 6-10 heaters that have the highest watt possible or put your fish in a room and make sure that room has sunlight or is a heated room.

saltwater aquarium setup

Working on the 3watts per gallon rule of rough estimate you require 3000-6000watts or 3-6kw.

The heater below is a 3kw version of a pair of 1kw heaters I use in a 300gallon tank (I prefer 2 heaters in case one packs in)

For a tank that size, the best and cheapest advice is to heat the room the tank is in rather than the water. The more insulation the room has the cheaper it gets.

In conclusion, your problem not solved. You probably need to contact an Industrial Process Control company and ask about inline stainless steel water heaters and a controller to suit.

saltwater aquarium setup

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