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spend a month in supplies/maintenance saltwater aquarium setup with more cheap

saltwater aquarium setup

To start up a saltwater fish tank, I would a saltwater aquarium setup between 100 and 180 gallons and successfully kept a 55 galllon freshwater tank for over 5 years.
I spend about $40-$50 a month on water change and various odds and ends, but this is all relative, if you get a rode unit you will only need to buy salt a few times a year, if your keeping a full reef you might need to buy mag supplements or a 2 stage calcium reactor that will rarely need media change out, if you keep a fish only or soft coral tank you won’t need any supplements other than water changes, if you keep small reef fish then the only food you'll need will last you months, if you keep a large predator tank then you are going to buy table shrimp live crabs and others a couple times a week.

saltwater aquarium setup

This is includes:
1. Salt- $22 (I don't always buy this as it depends on how many water changes I carry out).
2. Food- $5
3. Additives- $10 (mainly magnesium and calcium).
4. Filter media- $20 (including rowaphos and rowacarb).
5. Spare parts- $3.50 (mainly spare impellers for pumps).

I have a 60cm cube with a mixture of SPS corals and a few soft corals. The system runs off the ecosystem method which uses miracle mud and caulerpa, this saltwater aquarium setup is a relatively low-maintenance and a fairly inexpensive method of running a reef tank that doesn't require a lot of high-tech equipment such as a protein skimmer and a fluidised reactor.

saltwater aquarium setup

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