Saturday, February 27, 2010

Setting up a new aquarium?( saltwater aquarium setup)

saltwater aquarium setup

Setting up a saltwater tank could cost as much as three times as much as a saltwater tank. You would also have to get much less fish, and requires much more diligence than a freshwater tank. So I would recommend getting the freshwater. :)

As for setting up your aquarium, I would say:

-Get a tank that's at least 15 gallons (55 liters). Getting a smaller tank requires more work, and ultimately you have less of a choice of fish. Really, I'd say getting a 20 gallon long (75 liters) is your best beginner's bet.
-Research, research, research! Asking around on Yahoo! Answers is good for opinions on stocking, and advice and opinions on products, but the advice you can get on how to treat your fish, and what's the best way to do X in your aquarium, can vary so wildly, and most of it will be bad advice. Some of my favorite researching websites are:

The Aquarium Wiki (the best of the best)
Badman's Tropical Fish
Aquaria Central
Livejournal community 1fish_2fish (if you're on livejournal)

-The very first thing you must research is the nitrogen cycle and what to do about it.
-The best way to figure out what fish you should have is to go to your local fish store and look at their fish. Decide which ones you like, and then go do research on them. Make certain to ask the staff questions, as well, not only for information about the fish, but also as a way to judge the quality of the fish store and its staff. Finding a good, reliable fish store is one of the keys to getting your healthy, clean aquarium.

saltwater aquarium setup

Welcome back to fish keeping. Fresh or salt big debate. Really there isn't much difference in the two.

First what fish do you like better? Fresh or Salt
Go to the store and look around or check out websites for ornamental fish and salt water fish and

What size tank are you planning or think of? Any tank can be a salt tank so it doesn't have to be "saltwater". For fresh water price will vary in accordance to where you live Tank, stand, hood w/lights, filter, heater, thermometer, siphon, test kit, gravel and decorations. The only other things you need for salt water are hydrometer and salt.

Even a salt tank under 40 gallons does not need a skimmer or live rock and unless you are planning on specialty reef inverts it doesn't need special lighting either. (Although you may want to check out the LED lights vs. other types).

Personally I find the salt water has a wider range of colorful and unique fish, eels and inverts that make great conversation pieces. Care is actually easier (you don't do weekly water changes here) and the fish don't get disease's nearly as much as fresh water. They also seem to have much longer life spans.

Everyone has their own type of "favorite" fish. I would check out the local fish stores as well as the two sites before you decide.

saltwater aquarium setup

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